Everyone’s definition of fitness is different. Whether yours is to look leaner, be healthier, or perform better, strength and cardiovascular training are essential.

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Supportive nutrition need not be restrictive, bland, or complicated. Whether you’re committed to losing fat or setting a personal best, supportive nutrition is nonnegotiable.

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  • Abby P.

    “My struggle was finding a strength and fitness program that worked for me. It frustrated me that I had no structure. It affected my whole lifestyle including fitness, diet and emotional health. I felt amazing after training with Adam. I lost weight, gained muscle and toned up. I felt great and looked great as well. It was the best shape I have in my life. You are literally the best trainer ever.”

    Abby P.
  • Jim S.

    "My training program with Adam has resulted in significantly increased core strength and stability, which has definitely improved my lower back issues and has me playing golf again without fear of injury."

    Jim S.
  • Melissa M.

    “I HAVE ABS!!! Seriously – I have a kid in college AND ABS! :) Also – I ski like a freaking ski racer now! :) Yeah … (Adam) you’d better not retire until I stop exercising…”

    Melissa M.
  • Sina A.

    “Training with Adam has not only made me streamline my workout and waste less time at the gym, but he has also given me valuable knowledge about living a healthier lifestyle."

    Sina A.
  • Michael D.
    "If you have ever been an athlete before, or if this is your first time working out, I would highly recommend Adam Lee to anyone looking for a first-rate personal trainer.”
    Michael D.
  • Jack R.

    “Your help & guidance have been a tremendous benefit to me, and while I know I haven't accomplished all my goals, I do know I'm in better and more balanced shape than I've ever been in, so thanks!”

    Jack R.

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